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    An Introduction to the Art of Translation (8-hour) - ONLINE

    All day

    An Introduction to the Art of Translation will give participants a broad understanding of how to work as a professional translator. Participants will learn appropriate skills to accurately facilitate the translation process. This one day training will focus on translation of written material from English into target language, and from target into source language.

    Web based training

    Cost: $100.00

    Date: August 9th, 2018 – Self Paced

  • 13

    HIPAA and FERPA Training (Web)

    3:00 PM-5:00 PM

    This training will equip interpreters with and overview of HIPAA and FERPA law. Interpreters will understand the difference between administrative rule and law.  How the law is applicable to working interpreters in healthcare and educational settings. This is a prerecorded training. Interpreters may access this training from anywhere. A certificate of completion will be emailed to participants.

    3 CEUs

    (This is a prerecorded web based training)

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    Legal Terminology & Process to Become a Court Interpreter (CEU 2.5 hours)

    All day

    This training will focus on identifying appropriate skills Court Interpreter must have. This training will also focus on categorizing the court structure & organizational system. In addition, this training will assist participants to identifying the types of cases court interpreters work with, and identify pay scale for court interpreters. Finally, this training will assist working interpreters to identify state certification exam availability and application process.

    Recorder Self paced Webinar training

  • 22

    How to become a Certified Medical Interpreter CCHI (CEU 2.5 hours)

    All day

    (CEU 2.5-hour)

    This training will teach interpreters the process and qualifications to becoming a CCHI medical interpreter. This training will assist participants with understanding the application process, course requirements and how to become a certified through NBCMI and CCHI medical interpreter.

    Recorded self-paced training

    Date: August 22th, 2019

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    An Introduction to Community Interpreting (ICI-40 hour) Self-Paced - ONLINE

    All day

    The 40-hour introductory course is designed by TIN to train bilingual individuals in the basic mechanics and techniques of interpreting. Each session provides extensive information on interpreting methods, roles, professionalism and ethics, cultural considerations, and the varied contexts in which interpreters are often called upon to work. Participants are able to access training from anywhere in the world and self-pace this training by accessing training when is convenient training links from August 26th trough August 30th.

    40-hour course

    This is a self-paced WEB BASED TRAINING (PRERECORDED)

    Cost: $395.00


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