From Community Service to Business Venture

In 1999, Catholic Charities Fort Worth became one of five Texas refugee resettlement agencies and refugee service providers to receive funding to implement a pilot interpreting and translation program. At the time, refugee clients were often marginalized, specifically in attempting to access medical care to which they were entitled, despite the federal civil rights laws prohibiting such discrimination based on language and national origin. Using seed money from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Catholic Charities Fort Worth created Translation & Interpreter Network (TIN). In its 20+ years of doing business, TIN has become a well-respected, well-known professional language services company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, in Texas, and across the US.

Expanding the Vision

Showing profitability, TIN quickly began to provide an unrestricted source of income for the agency. This endeavor has become the entrepreneurial catalyst for the agency’s new approach to long term sustainability by securing other sources of revenue beyond donors and government contracts. The agency looked further into earned income ventures when another opportunity presented itself. In July 2007, Catholic Charities Fort Worth was awarded the opportunity to be part of a year-long training program through Community Wealth Ventures Inc. (CWV), a consulting firm that assists nonprofit organizations in diversifying their funding stream by generating revenue through business ventures and corporate partnerships. Through the CWV training, Catholic Charities Fort Worth caught a vision of making earned income ventures a part of the agency’s portfolio of diversified funding. To forward that vision, the agency created a Business Ventures Services (now identified as Social Enterprises) department to implement the five-year TIN business model.  

TIN has grown into a premier full-service language access provider in the DFW area and beyond.  This success has been achieved by providing the highest quality interpreting services through professionally trained and certified interpreters, experienced translators who produce high quality document translations; and innovative, industry-leading trainings for customers and individual interpreters.  TIN utilizes the most contemporary technological methods and venues to provide 24/7 on demand over the phone interpreting, video interpreting.  We utilize Plunet/MemoQ for efficient and quality translation business.  With these technological advances, TIN has expanded its services to cities like Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, and Charlotte, NC.