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What we do…

TIN is a language service company founded in 1999 as a response to the language disparities in the DFW area. Since then, TIN has consistently advanced and expanded its in-person (onsite) interpreting services, over-the-phone interpreting, video interpreting services, and translation services – nationwide. TIN’s mission has always been to “weave” together languages and cultures – to connect people, businesses and providers of different languages and cultures for effective and meaningful communication through qualified interpreters and translators; to empower immigrants and refugees in our communities to communicate through a qualified interpreter with doctors, school officials, attorneys & judges, and more. TIN has become a well-respected, well-known language services company and considered a thought leader across the US with language services professionals.

Connecting the world…

TIN has provided over one million hours of interpretation services, as well as trained and developed over 6,000 professional interpreters and translators in the US and Africa. TIN’s success has been achieved by focusing on delivering the highest quality interpreting services through professionally trained and certified interpreters; experienced translators; and innovative, industry-based training for customers and individual interpreters. At the same time, we support our local economy by creating jobs for immigrants and refugees.

TIN utilizes the most contemporary technological methods and venues to provide 24/7 on-demand over-the-phone interpreting and video interpreting. With these technological advances, TIN has expanded its services to cities across the United States and globally.

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