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Using our secure and encrypted network, TIN quickly connects you to a qualified interpreter from the convenience of your tablet, smartphone or computer. With the simple switch you can choose between video or voice call options. Whether it’s for a medical emergency, a court proceeding or a business conference, TIN provides a clear, high-quality connection that will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there with you. While maintaining the flexibility of phone interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) gains many of the advantages of face to face interactions. VRI provides a solution that includes visual and auditory interpretation. These services are offered anytime, anywhere, 24/7. 

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We help people communicate so life can be uncomplicated and simple.




We offer the highest quality onsite, over the phone, and video remote interpreting.

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Weaving Language and Culture since 1999.

Diverse Network

Industry-specialized interpreters at any time. In 100+ spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL), we are here to help.


VRI solutions are completely device-independent. Connections made virtually anywhere on any device.


Live insight and reporting through a cloud-based platform; accessible real-time dashboard on all services delivered.


Deliver and report real-time service levels, track and manage spend, hold us accountable for service level performance

I deeply appreciate your quick response. Thanks for the clarification and the HUGE support from TIN for school-home communications. It's a profound help, especially in these constantly shifting times. TIN makes us all better, for sure! TIN rocks!

Eva WallaceRichardson ISD

We offer best of class language services

Telephone Interpreting

Over the telephone interpreting provides interpreting services in a flexible, cost efficient way.


Video Remote Interpreting provides a solution that includes visual and auditory interpretation.

Onsite Interpreting

Onsite interpreting stands
as the most robust and
effective method
of interpretation.

Language Assessment

Video Remote Interpreting provides a solution that includes visual and auditory interpretation.

Document Translation

Our translators are experienced and translated documents are proofread for accuracy.


The Test is a standardized procedure for the local global market that measures functionality in writing ability.
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