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Any bilingual individual approved to work in the United States is welcome to apply for interpreter training.  A Language Assessment Exam must be administered and evaluated prior to admittance to a training course.  Acceptance to training is dependent upon successful outcome of the Language Assessment Exam.

Interpreter Orientation:

If you are interested in becoming an interpreter, we offer weekly orientation meetings.  A Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) staff member will give a presentation on the interpreting profession and requirements. After orientations are completed, time is set aside for prospective interpreters to take language tests for proficiency in English and any target languages. A passing grade on the language test is required to be admitted to the training course. Orientations are also available online for anyone unable to attend in person.

Please see the following steps towards becoming a trained interpreter.

Step 1: Fill out the interpreter application form below

Step 2: Attend an orientation

Step 3: Complete and pass a language test

Step 4: Review ICI information below and register for a class

*Completion of these steps will ensure that you are prepared to work as an interpreter. Working as a contractor with TIN is dependent upon successful completion of the ICI training and assessment of current needs.*

An Introduction to Community Interpreting

For individuals interested in contracting with Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN), this is the comprehensive 40-hour introductory course designed to train bilingual individuals in the basic mechanics and techniques of interpreting. Each session provides extensive information on interpreting methods, roles, professionalism and ethics, and cultural considerations.  The varied contexts in which interpreters often work require extensive hands-on, in-class practice and demonstration of acquired skills.

Course Objectives:

  •        To provide an understanding of the goals of interpretation
  •        To provide understanding of and practice in the four modes of interpreting
  •        To review principles of effective communication
  •        To teach and provide application of the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics in real life interpreting situations
  •        To investigate potential interpreter roles
  •        To help participants effectively facilitate the interpreted session
  •        To offer considerations regarding the impact of culture on communication
  •        To examine the varied contexts or environments in which interpreters are often called to work
  •        To explore the legal responsibilities regarding language rights for limited English proficient (LEP) populations
  •        To provide understanding and application of practical memory & note-taking skills to the interpreted session

To register for the ICI, please contact Fabio Torres at

Application Form

Please provide all information requested.

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Trained Interpreters

Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) is excited to contract with trained and experienced interpreters. If you are already a trained interpreter and are interested in working as a contractor with TIN, please complete the below form to be considered.


Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN) is actively seeking experienced translators in all languages. Experience with Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and knowledge of various industries are preferred. To apply, please complete the form below for consideration.